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Lead 365 smashed it. They delivered a 5.4% conversion to list. They exceeded expectations by over 300%.

“I have worked with Lead 365 on a few projects, they are by far the most transparent data company I have worked with. Their honestly and efficiency have helped me, achieved sales and growth targets.”

Victoria Snoddy


Taylor Alexander Associates

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Lead 365 deployed a new test and learn campaign which reduced data costs, exceeded performance expectation and delivered us a superior ROI.

“‘ResQ have had a great working relationship with Lead 365 for several years now. One thing that really resonates is our shared core value of being agile. Ian and his team have always looked to suggest and adapt to alternative data strategies to help ResQ meet and exceed our targets.’”

Chris Baldwin

Dialler & Resource Planning Supervisor

Vodafone Giganet

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Lead 365 helped us adapt and scale. From an initial 101 DOI leads in January 22 to 1958 DOI leads in February 2022.

“Over the course of the last few years, we have entirely shifted our lead acquisition strategy, moving from a single opt in basis to double opt in only. This has allowed us to see significantly stronger activation rates for leads, and therefore a better performance on our email campaigns.

Lead 365 has been incredibly helpful to us in doing this, delivering us DOI leads in volume in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to do the same.”

Rosie Panter

Head of Content


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As a new framework partner, we forecasted a 10% sales contribution from Lead 365. They delivered 47% of all framework sales.

“Scottish Power have worked with Lead 365 for a number of years and over that time their contribution to our Outbound Telesales channel has grown significantly.

They are a key data supplier who have shown great dedication and flexibility when called upon, and have provided numerous data sets which have allowed us to grow our sales and increase our productivity whilst maintaining compliance at all times.”

Ian Fraser

Data and Reporting Manager

Scottish Power

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Over a number of years, Lead 365 has gone from "a supplier" to "our exclusive partner" helping us deliver over 35,000 gross connections a year.

“Intelling Ltd have always received good service from Lead 365. Timing and the quality of leads have always met our expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. We consider Lead 365 a key lead provider for our clients and our own brands, they have proven to be creative, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meetings our expectations.”

Craig Winnard

Group Commercial Director

O2 Intelling LTD

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Lead 365 restructured our entire data plan which delivered the same performance at a 50% spend reduction.

“In September 2018, we made the decision to purchase all our data exclusively with Lead 365 and it was the best decision we made.

Costs have halved, efficiencies across the business are being realised.

Not only do we get great data from them, they are a real pleasure to work with!

It’s great to have them as part of our team! “

Abigail Webb

Dialler Support Manager


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Lead 365 has gone from trail supplier to largest and best performing partner. In some months, their conversion has been as much as 70% better to the next supplier within one month of 2022.

“We brought Lead 365 on initially to fill a gap in our data mix. We started at a low level and rewarded good performance over time to the point where they are our largest supplier of first use leads. The aim is always to have more leads where the CPA is under the wider average and Lead 365 consistently deliver this. Liala and the team are always interested in taking on feedback and taking actions when questions are raised which I believe was key to their improvement and increased orders”.

Andrew Fruer

Snr strategy & planning manager

Homeshield Direct

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