Gen Z Slang & Their Meanings

As I’m sure you’re aware, Gen Z has a language of its own, and as a fellow Gen Z’er myself, it’s easy to forget that my ancient co-workers don’t always understand my lingo.

So, to make things a little easier for all of you old and confused Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, I’ve put together a basic dictionary so you no longer have to secretly Google the new-found terminology mid-conversation with your younger co-workers to understand what the hell is going on.

Hope it helps x

1: Slay – Very impressive 

That presentation was such a slay”

2: Slaps – Soooooooo good

“This KFC lunch absolutely slaps”

3: Ick – Such a turn off

“He decided to do a cartwheel infront of me… It gave me the ick”

4: Sus – Suspicious 

“He’s acting sus”

5: Salty – Being bitter

“Don’t be salty I got the last waffle”

6: Boujee – Fancyyyyy

“OMG, your new bag is so boujee”

7: No Cap – No lie

“He told me I was getting a 50k payrise, no cap”

8: Cheugy – Out of season

“Skinny jeans… Thats so cheugy

9: Low Key – On the down-low 

“Party at mine, but keep it low-key”

10: Say Less – Yeah I get it

“Facebook ad needed asap? Say less”

11: Tea – Gossip

“I’ve got some piping hot tea about…”

12: Clout – Doing something to get yourself noticed

“You posted that pic with them for the clout”

13: Woke – Aware of social events

“Stay woke”

14: Simp – Does anything for someone

“Making me four coffees a day, aww you simp”

15: Bet – OK

16: Facts – True

“That’s straight up factsssss”

17: Clap Back – A comeback 

“She clapped back”

18: Glow up – An improvement in someones appearance

“The blonde hair is such a glow up”

19: Ate – To do something well

Her outfit ateeeeeeee”

20: Bussin – This food is so good

“These chicken nuggets are BUSSIN”

21: Delulu – Delusional 

“She thinks she’s getting a 50k pay rise, shes delulu”

22: Gagged – Too stunned to speak

“I’m gagged”

23: IYKYK – If you know, you know

24: Mid – Nothing special

“He’s pretty mid”

25: Periodt – Full stop

“You slayed that, periodt”

26: Karen – An entitled, rude person

“Don’t be a Karen”

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