How We’ve Crafted the Ultimate Working Environment

Straight from a Certified ‘Great Place To Work’ 😏

The days of the stuffy, old-fashioned office setting seem to be numbered. Gone are the days of bland, white-washed walls, dreary cubicles, and that lone health and safety poster trying to inject some colour into the workspace. If you’re anything like me—a bit of a LinkedIn stalker—chances are you’ve spent a fair bit of time browsing through those ‘our new office tours,’ admiring the shiny new Instagram-worthy workspaces decked out with the latest tech and trendiest perks.

But let’s ask the real question: Does having prosecco on tap, funky chairs, and a relaxed dress code automatically translate to an amazing working environment?

Unfortunately, it seems like many businesses equate their office space with their culture—a notion that’s only partially true. Because let’s face it, even if your office boasts its own theme park, if the boss is a bit of a prat and makes work feel like a trip to the underworld, well, your workplace is still a trip to the underworld—it just happens to have its own theme park.

So, here’s our take on how we’ve managed to create what we reckon is a top-notch working environment. We’ve even bagged ourselves the title of one of the UK’s Best Places To Work and got the trophy to prove it. Plus, we’re not shy to boast—we’re also on the shortlist for four upcoming company culture awards.

We reckon Lead 365 offers some of the best company perks out there. Our staff perks are so good they’d probably put boomers into a coma just from hearing about them. So, brace yourselves, boomers, as we spill the tea:

Unlimited Paid Holiday:

You heard it right, unlimited! None of that counting down the days till your next break or planning your entire year around the twenty-something days typically given elsewhere. Our CEO knows that happy, well-rested employees are the key to success. So, go ahead, jet off to Bali or binge-watch Netflix guilt-free for a week—just make sure to bring back some sweets as a token of appreciation, yeah?

Team Events:

As much as we’d love to leave our team chained to their desks all day, we know that’s not the recipe for success. That’s why we make sure our team gets rewarded both in and out of the office. Team events are our jam. Every month, we switch off the screens and hit the town for some good old-fashioned team bonding. Darts, mini-golf, escape rooms—you name it, we’ve done it. And of course, every outing ends with a big team meal. It’s super fun, usually competitive (thanks, Ian), and always a good laugh.

The Office Space:

Okay, it may be somewhat hypocritical, but we can’t talk about Lead 365 without mentioning our epic office space. Our purpose-built, 6000 sq ft solar-panelled sanctuary in Quedgeley, not to mention the most eco-friendly office in Gloucester, is fully equipped for all our staff’s needs. Forget stale coffee and dodgy butter you may get elsewhere—our kitchen is stocked with all the breakfast, snacks, drinks, and lunch options you could ever want. And let’s not forget about our office bar.

Whether it’s a midweek pick-me-up or a Friday wind-down, we’ve got the booze to fuel your celebrations. Oh, and did we mention the ping pong table and Mario Kart station? Yeah, we take our fun seriously around here (theres even a score spreadsheet – credit to Liv).

The Workplace Vibe:

At Lead 365, we pride ourselves in fostering a workplace environment that stands out. While some may raise an eyebrow at our claim, the reality speaks volumes. We’re not just a team—we’re a tightly-knit group. Unlike traditional workplaces where hierarchy reigns supreme, our CEO and Director are right there next to us, not in a fancy office tucked away elsewhere. The entire team operates as one cohesive unit, promoting collaboration and support at every turn. This inclusive approach is further reinforced by our open-door policy, ensuring that every voice is not only heard but valued. Our ‘wear what you want’ policy adds another layer of comfort and individual expression, setting the tone for a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. Witnessing our CEO and Director stroll in wearing joggers serves as a daily reminder that we’re encouraged to be ourselves.

Our commitment to flexibility extends beyond attire. We recognise that life can be unpredictable. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, allowing our team to tailor their schedules to fit their personal needs. Whether it’s starting a bit later to accommodate school drop-offs or opting for a hybrid work arrangement, we strive to accommodate every individual’s unique circumstances. At Lead 365, it’s not just about clocking in and out—it’s about finding the balance that works best for you.

Social Responsibility:

We love having a laugh, but we’ve also got big hearts. Corporate responsibility isn’t just a buzzword for us—it’s a way of life. Every year, we rally together to support charities and give back to our community. Whether it’s showering shelter animals with love or bringing smiles to kids in the hospital, we’re always ready to spread a little joy.

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