Here’s some of our biggest office pet peeves… How many do you agree with?

From singing loudly to tuna salads for lunch, we’ve seen it all.

Let’s be honest, if you’re stuck in an office with people for eight hours a day, eventually, someone or something is bound to get under your skin. Whether it’s them bringing a tuna salad for lunch or going through a hippie stage and deciding that deodorant is the work of the devil, blessing everyone with their odour.

We asked around our team for their biggest office irritants. See how many you agree with (btw if you think any of these are a personal attack, check yourself):

Leaving food in the office:

People who open a pack of some form of food and leave it open in the fridge are doing the devil’s work. It’s inevitable that this food will get ignored and left for at least a week, so thanks to you, the fridge now stinks and let’s be honest, you were never gonna reach back for that sandwich, so bin it, please.

Singing loudly:

We can understand a little head bob, maybe a hum or whistle to the chorus, but respectfully – no one wants to hear your personal interpretation of One Direction at nine in the morning, even more so when you don’t actually know the lyrics. So, respectfully, shut up.

Getting your feet out:

You’d think this one’s a joke, but sadly, it’s not. Bare feet sightings (yes, bare, no socks in sight) in the office are real. Sorry, but keep those shoes on – this isn’t a beach, and we’re not here to admire your pedicure or lack thereof.

Coffee left on the desk:

“The cleaning fairies are on strike”

If you’ve been sipping out of it all day, it’s yours – put it in the dishwasher.

Ignoring/ not loading the dishwasher:

Similar to the above, if your cup is dirty, PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER, not on the side, not in the sink – THE DISHWASHER!

You’re also an awful person if you ignore a finished dishwasher. Just take the mugs out. It’s not difficult.

Chewing loudly:

It should be a given, but respectfully, no one wants to see or hear what you’re eating, K.

People with awful music taste’s playing DJ:

Just because you’re a metalhead at 9 am doesn’t mean everyone else is. The same goes for musicals, tween pop & drum and bass. I’m already internally screaming, so I don’t need the additional external noise in my ears.

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