How do we ensure our staff maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Let’s keep it simple, if employees enjoy coming into work, they will then work harder, make fewer mistakes and are more likely to become advocates for your brand. 

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘healthy work/life balance’, and we understand that its not only a practice which is important for health and relationships, but it can also widely improve productivity and performance.

Studies have shown that 70% of women and 65% of men see work-life balance as a higher priority and more important than both their pay and employee benefits combined!

Here’s some ways we implement a healthy work/life balance for our Lead 365 team.

How do we ensure our staff maintain a healthy work-life balance?
Flexible working hours
We want our staff to work when they want to work!
Whether they choose to start their day at 7am or 12pm, the choice is theirs!
Unlimited Paid Holiday
Yup, you heard that right, unlimited!
Time off is important, and we understand that. 
We don't believe you should have to plan your entire year around the twenty-something days traditionally offered elsewhere.
Fantastic Workplace culture.
We're a pretty great bunch, even if we do say so ourselves! 
And we want our staff to enjoy coming into work.
So we've decked out our office with lounge areas, gaming stations, ping pong table. 
Plus daily breakfast club & unlimited snacks and drinks!!
Encouraging down-time.

Sitting at a desk all day can be pretty boring. 
So we encourage getting up and moving. 
Whether that means taking 5 for a game of ping pong, a trip to the gym or just taking a moment for
yourself on the sofa.

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