How AI is changing affiliate marketing

As AI evolves, it is helping to provide businesses and their affiliates with more and more valuable insights on what types of content customers want to see, utilising data to better determine and predict consumer behaviour. Customers are expecting a much more personalised approach to the ads and content they engage with now, so more affiliates are turning to AI to tailor the material they deliver to users to ensure that they are consistently providing the content that a customer actually wants to see. This can help target and scale up marketing efforts far more effectively than sheer manpower alone will allow.

With huge amounts of data to wade through, AI solutions can help identify patterns across large amounts of user data much more quickly than a human (or multiple humans) can, enabling businesses to quickly and effectively leverage these insights and see real conversions. What are the ways in which AI algorithms are currently influencing the world of affiliate marketing and the strategies businesses use to generate leads that convert? Keep reading for more detail….

Why User Intent is Key

Measuring intent is becoming more and more significant for marketing strategies. This is where AI comes in; with AI and machine learning implemented into your marketing practices, it’s much easier to define the user sentiment, attitudes, intent etc that are behind the queries, searches and behaviours of your target audience. Using AI to analyse the data can help generate much more detailed and personalised targeting. AI can help define which channels and content users want to engage with and can actively analyse customer behaviour and respond to their intent accordingly.

Google’s AI-based Algorithms

Google’s AI algorithms help with ranking and understanding queries. AI systems are increasingly looking at the language and intent behind a query in order to provide the most relevant results. Google processes trillions of searches every year, so its algorithm is constantly learning more about the intent behind each query. Its frequent updates are implemented in response to this, and as a result, search engine results pages are consistently improving when it comes to accommodating searcher intent. With Google’s increasing emphasis on user intent, it’s never been a better time to focus on utilising AI which will help better define and curate content that is relevant to potential customers.

Another Google AI algorithm worth noting is Google’s ‘Topics API’, aimed at improving user privacy and reducing tracking through the use of third-party cookies. The Topics API analyses browser history to define a topic that matches a user’s interests over a week. It does this without providing private information to external servers. Rather, the API shares three of the user’s topics with ad companies so that they can personalise their marketing messages and digital advertising when the user comes into contact with a Topics affiliated site. That user data is deleted after three weeks, helping to maintain relevant user information, without storing it for long periods and putting data at risk.

Why you Should be Using AI Solutions for Your Business

AI solutions help when it comes to testing ad platforms, optimising processes and targeting the right audience. When it comes to paid or native advertising, for example, machine-learning algorithms can help you optimise your campaigns, enhance user experience and use intelligent personalisation in order to create campaigns and content that resonates with potential customers. AI can analyse huge amounts of data on a single user such as demographics, location, device etc and provide the best content to fit their needs. With AI’s emphasis on behavioural personalisation, marketing messages can be relevant to each user.

AI can also show you when data flow stops or when unexpected traffic visits your site. Humans alone are not able to check analytics and understand what’s happening at every moment, but AI makes this possible. The internet is so saturated with information it’s not feasible for a human to sort through the huge amounts of user data in order to optimise their ad campaigns. However, AI can quickly and efficiently sort through this information and instantaneously provide information and insights on the direction to take marketing strategy in. What’s more, unlike other tools, the more you use AI, the better it gets, meaning the more data you feed it, the more effective it is. This allows you to run quality targeted campaigns, consistently improving performance across a wide range of publications.

AI algorithms are getting better at influencing the type of content that consumers see and respond to. We now have the tools and solutions to help to monitor huge amounts of data and activity across different channels in a way that was simply not possible before, helping you adapt your marketing efforts to suit the needs of potential customers, providing them with a tailored user experience. AI is constantly evolving to provide businesses with the tools to properly harness the data at their disposal and help them engage with the right audience, deliver a better experience for consumers and increase conversions.

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